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At Techrity, we provide you with the necessary tools and resources to make your journey in tech a success. We believe in creating an inclusive environment where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

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Techrity, is a non-profit social enterprise, a community of people contributing to advance humanity through their time, money and skills. We believe in the power of using technology for sustainable human capital advancement. We’re all about inspiring the youth to take up careers in tech, through our Mentorshipand Kickstart programs, we are also committed to solving social good problems using tech through our Build4SocialGood program.


Kickstart program

Data Support

Donate data or cash to support a Techrity kickstarter.

Laptop Support

Donate a laptop or fund a kickstarter

Mentorship Support

Our Kickstarters get access to a community of mentors to guide them through their learning journey.


Join our
Mentorship team

Register to be a Techrity Mentor! Our seasoned Mentors are compensated with a mentorship badge and #TechrityMentorFocus monthly podcast. We believe mentors deserve the recognition for the time and effort they put into imparting knowledge.


Build for social good

At Techrity, community and teamwork is a core value. We encourage developers and techies to support their local communities by building scalable products aimed at solving social good problems.



TECHingTheYoung conference is an initiative of Techrity and aims to bring together young minds to deliberate on social innovations using technology for the advancement of society

Today’s donations create future opportunities.

Your donation plants seeds of kindness in others, and this promotes a world of revolving kind-hearted people. Help learners get laptops and data to kickstart and make their journey in tech a success.

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