We create amicable interactions between
mentor’s & mentee’s



Our mentorship program connects people who have specific skills such as coding, product management, project management, writing, etc. and knowledge (mentors) with individuals (proteges) who may need these same skills to develop their skill set.

We are continuously seeking like-minded individuals, collaborators, and mentors that share our values and believes in "Paying it Forward". Join our mentorship network and use your knowledge to serve humanity.
Top Mentors are entitled to a mentorship badge and a weekly feature on our blog and social media platforms with the hashtag #TechrityTopMentor. Come join Techrity. Spread kindness and goodwill by mentoring someone. Techrity would be glad to have you as a mentor!!!


We imbibe the “Everyone is Someone” culture. We pay close attention to our mentees and ensure they learn in a safe and progressive environment.

Outstanding Mentees would be showcased on the Techrity Website and will submit a dedicated blog post to share your experience so others can be motivated.
Our successful mentees are encouraged to pay it forward by joining the mentors to mentor other learners.

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