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Our Kickstart focuses on the orientation, growth, and development of beginners looking to Kickstart their tech journey. With our Kickstart program, you get access to a mentor who guides you through your Tech journey, that is, you get automatic access to our free mentorship program. You also get an opportunity to be featured as a Techrity Top Learner on our blog and get a chance to impact the skills learned to others by joining our mentorship program.


Simple Steps to kickstart


Who gets selected?

When you register for the Kickstart program, you will be required to take a short assessment to determine your competency level and area of placement.
Techrity is transparent and will only attend to individuals who show signs of dedication and willingness to be mentored.


What’s the selection process?

  1. Fill the Kickstart registration form
  2. Receive an invite link to the slack channel
  3. Join the kickstart channel and take the foundation courses
  4. Get the foundation certificate
  5. Get connected to a mentor

Ready to start?

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